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I know I’m behind the times, but I just heard and wrote about the Reclaim The Latina Tag, so here I am.


ah yes i have finally found it


the g spot

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has someone done this already or

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Sorry, Not Sorry: I Don’t Like The New Taylor Swift Song or Video, Shake It Off

Two of Taylor’s “characters” throughout the video also involve some race issues. I can’t comment on these on a personal level, but I have seen a lot of chatter on social media about how her use of black dancers seems ignorant and maybe even racist. At one point, Taylor hops around in a hoodie and fitted hat while backup dancers break dance around her. In another scene, she’s obviously mocking Miley Cyrus as she navigates her way through black female dancers twerking, at one point even starring at the girl’s butt with her trademark “OMG meeeeee, really meee??!” surprised face.

I think Hillary Crosley’s commentary on Jezebel pretty much sums it up: “What is clear is that the girl dead set on being America’s Sweetheart picked the wrong week for this sappy, ready-made Target commercial cut where she celebrates her true self by crawling through a bridge of brown and black women’s butts. *surprised Taylor Swift face*”

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