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Flashback: 7 Of The Worst Cartoon Boyfriends Ever

Cartoon movies and shows are not exempt from the male douchebag character who finds his way into every story ever. Cartoons can be jerks too, even if they’re not real people – and these guys are the cream of the crop. Here are 7 cartoon characters no cartoon lady should ever date… ever.

7 Questions About Sex Ed In Agraba

When I was younger, I didn’t really pay attention to the overly sexual messages in Disney movies because that kind of stuff didn’t really register with me. However, now that I’m olderand write about sex and relationships for a living, these are things I think about. We’ve had a lot of questions about sex education in mythical worlds, but I was thinking about how sex is really prevalent in Disney movies but it’s not ever talked about.

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10 Ways To Dress Like Disney Princesses For Prom!
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