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Anonymous asked: hi. uhm i like this guy and i like him. alot. but he's a grade above me. so i know he likes me. he told my friends he liked me but he told them "yeah i like her but i dont think ill ask her out." and "yeah i dont think she likes me so i havent made any advances" so uh help??

Why don’t you ask him out? You go gurl!



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Anonymous asked: Hey I'm in college and I finally got my first boyfriend. I'm like any other girl and had huge crushes that were fruitless. Now I feel like I settled with this guy because, well, I don't like him. Should we break up? And do you have any advice?

If you don’t like him you should break up with him, plain and simple. Read 10 Signs You’re Settling In Your Relationship & Don’t Really Like Your BoyfriendThere will be plenty of guys that come in and out of your life. Never settle for anyone that you have any kind of negative feelings toward. Always make sure the person you are dating is someone you not only like, but have the potential to love. What’s the rush?



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