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Anonymous asked: I don't know if you usually do this, but I really need advice. I have a group of girl friends, around 7 of them. Before I became part of this group, I was always talkative and happy and always felt really comfortable with knowing who my friends were. Unfortunately, since I joined the group, I feel really shitty about myself. For instance, the girl who is closest to me birthday is today. The group went out and decorated her car with balloons. All of them except for me..even though I'm the closest

Question continued:

to the birthday girl.. I just don’t get it. There’s been so many instances where this has happened and I’ve expressed hurt from it before.. it always gets disregarded. Usually, some of them will be like ‘Oh, we’re sorry.’ and then they’ll go and do it the next opportunity. I don’t know what it’s like to have a group of friends who genuinely care for me, and I don’t know how to get that. When I do hang out with them, a good 80% of what I say gets ignored. Is this normal..? I don’t know anymore.

We’ve been there. It sucks. Honestly, you should reconsider being friends with them. If you’ve already talked to them about feeling left-out and they haven’t been responsive, they’re not your friends. Friends don’t do that. We’ve covered and supported many similar situations, so check out these articles and decide if these girls are really worth your time:

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And finally.. 10 Tips On How To Make New Friends In School

Stay strong and remember middle/high school is just a blip on your life’s radar. The best friends and strongest, most mature relationships will be made post-high-school, so don’t waste your time pursuing friendships that make you miserable.

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macklewhoree asked: My friend always talks behind my back and I have proof but when I confront her she always denies it & tries to make me feel guilty. Idk what to do??

Okay, time to reconsider this friendship. Read 7 Ways To Deal When Your Friends Are Talking About You Behind Your Back and decide if you really want someone like that in your life. If you decide to let the negativity out and the positivity in, here’s our advice on How To Break Up With A Friend.

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