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15 Friendship Red Flags You’re Probably Ignoring
7 Friendship Bracelets You And Your Bestie Need Right Now



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13 Things You Have To Do Before 2013 Is Over

Yeah, 2013 is almost over. I’m sure you wouldn’t have noticed, obviously, unless you were constantly bombarded with end of the year lists on every single website you frequent. You know, things like “The Best Albums Of 2013” or “The Weirdest Kanye West Moments of 2013” or “My 13 Favorite Pap Smears Of 2013.”

But who cares about that? Here are 13 things you really need to do before the end of the year.

7 Tips On How To Hang Out With Someone You Don’t Like

We’ve all been there…

What It’s Really Like To Hate Your Friend’s Boyfriend, In GIFs

The 15 Worst Types Of Friends You’ll Have At Some Point In Your Life

Having a few good friends is a wonderful thing. Good friends are there for you when you need them. They can make you laugh until you cry with inside jokes only you guys will get, they are the people you can talk to about anything and everything and they’re the ones you run to when your stupid crush is being, well, stupid.

But here’s the thing about friends: there are good ones and then there are horrible ones.

GIF My Life: What It’s Really Like To Help A Friend Get Through A Nasty Breakup

Sexy Times: Rejecting Your Friend

Rejecting someone can be really tough to do, but what if that person is your friend? And what happens after that? Check out this week’s episode of Sexy Times for some advice on what you should do.


A mix about sleepovers full of junk food, empowerment, and whispered 3 AM confessions.

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Don’t really like your BFF’s boyfriend? Caitlin has some advice in the latest episode of Sexy Times With Gurl!

Don’t really like your BFF’s boyfriend? Caitlin has some advice in the latest episode of Sexy Times With Gurl!

7 Ways To Deal When You’re Jealous Of A Friend
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15 Ways You Know That Your BFF Is Really Your Best Friend - In GIFs!!
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Read all of our 10 Quotes For Your Best Friend!
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Sometimes, there comes a point in our lives where we have to cut ties with a close friend. Maybe it’s because they always steal your crush, maybe it’s because they put you down more than they lift you up or maybe it’s because you two just consistently never see eye-to-eye. Whatever the reason, ending a friendship is definitely not easy.

-Jessica Booth

Need some of Jessica’s advice about cutting ties with a friend?

Check out what she had to say in How To End A Friendship: 7 Tips To Get It Over With Nicely.