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WATCH: This Jukebox Version Of “Rude” Is Your New Favorite Song
♫ ♪ Why you gotta be so ruuuuuude? ♫ ♪

WATCH: This Jukebox Version Of “Rude” Is Your New Favorite Song

♫  Why you gotta be so ruuuuuude? ♫ 

Wondering what it’s like to go to Lady Gaga’s Artrave? Check out the deets.

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Ella Fitzgerald

—Always True to You in My Fashion


Always True to You in My Fashion (from Kiss Me, Kate)
by Cole Porter
Performed by Ella Fitzgerald

The piano under the refrain in this arrangement is killer.

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So I threw a Twitter tantrum the other day, after reading what this piece o’ shit had to say about girls winning at punk. I mean, I know and really like a lot of the women on this list. But the fact is that he (and other white music writers) would rather defend fucking Miley Cyrus but completely ignore bad-ass women of color who make punk music that’s just too threatening for them. I SEE YOU ALL.

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