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Anonymous asked: I'm in a relationship and need some sex advice. I'm not really getting a whole lot out of having sex. I think it's cause the guy I'm with I was his first and he really doesn't know what he is do. So any ways when we are having sex it hurts and I don't know if it's cause I'm not that into it or hat. Please help maybe there are some things I can do to make sex better?

Hey gurl,

We hear ya! Check out Having Bad Sex? This Might Be WhyWhy Are You Really Having Bad Sex?! and My Boyfriend Is Bad At Sex! for some good advice. If sex hurts, it’s a possibility you may not be lubricated enough. Make sure you and your boyfriend have enough foreplay and if that’s not enough, maybe try a lubricant (available at most drugstores).



Anonymous asked: Hey gurl. I'm 16 &; I'm in a relationship with my best friend but the thing is he treats me like I have no feelings. He calls me names &; tells me to shut up when he's upset &; I'm really tired of it but I love him to much to break up with him. Help?

You have to be with someone who deserves you and treats you well, best friend or not. Arguments are healthy in a relationship as long as they don’t get to a point that is considered abusive. If he calls you insulting names, that’s abusive. If he “treats [you] like you have no feelings”, that’s abusive. You are a strong female and you should stand up for yourself. Read 10 Signs You Have A Bad Boyfriend and 10 Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship And What To Do If You Are. The latter article includes helpline information that you can call to get further, more specific advice.

We love you.



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