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…Why does Drake Bell even care so much, though?

Courtesy of J-14

20 Of The #WorstPickUpLines, As Told By Twitter

Pick-up lines have never had the best reputation. They usually tend to be cheesy, corny, offensive, hilarious, nerdy or just flat-out ridiculous. They try too hard! Personally, the only kind of pick-up line that ever works on me is one that is so terribly corny that you have to laugh at it – and you can tell that the dude isn’t serious with it. That’s because I appreciate a sense of humor.

But in general, most pick-up lines are bad. That’s why I was excited to see #WorstPickUpLines trending on Twitter. No joke, I have actually heard some dudes try to use these. Everyone, a word of advice: don’t ever use any of these.