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A Timeline of Justin Bieber and Drake Bell’s Horrible Twitter Feud

…Why does Drake Bell even care so much, though?

Courtesy of J-14

20 Of The #WorstPickUpLines, As Told By Twitter

Pick-up lines have never had the best reputation. They usually tend to be cheesy, corny, offensive, hilarious, nerdy or just flat-out ridiculous. They try too hard! Personally, the only kind of pick-up line that ever works on me is one that is so terribly corny that you have to laugh at it – and you can tell that the dude isn’t serious with it. That’s because I appreciate a sense of humor.

But in general, most pick-up lines are bad. That’s why I was excited to see #WorstPickUpLines trending on Twitter. No joke, I have actually heard some dudes try to use these. Everyone, a word of advice: don’t ever use any of these.

What The Eff Is #SmackCam And Why Is It So Popular?

"In a lot of these videos, the friends are probably even in on the joke, willing to deal with a little whipped cream slap in the face if it means getting thousands of views on Vine and a few moments of Internet fame. In most of the videos, everyone seems amused and you could almost pass off the whole thing as just another stupid trend.

But while most of the videos seem relatively harmless, some of them do not.”


10 Things You’re Doing Wrong On Social Media

Seriously, cool it with the hashtags.

#ConfessionNight: 20 Confessions You Might Be Able To Relate To

Catch up on this past week in pop culture by watching the latest episode of What’s Up With Hayley!

Catch up on this past week in pop culture by watching the latest episode of What’s Up With Hayley!

What Does Your Favorite Social Media Network Say About You? Find Out Now!
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Summer or Winter? Facebook or Twitter?

A little bored on your day off? Play “This Or That?” in our latest super fun survey!